Perks of a choir student

Students discuss benefits of BV choir

Choir students say that from taking choir they have benefitted both academically and socially. Those same students refer to it as a big family. When walking into choir teacher Marsha Moeller’s classroom, awards from
past competitions are hung up on the Brown_infographicwall.

“You aren’t really afraid to speak out as much in public — it helps with social skills, reading music helps you in school,” sophomore Caitlyn Dusthimer said. “It can help with math and it’s easier to do mental math and figuring stuff out on the spot.”

Freshman Valentina Diaz said she’e only been in that class for a short time but she can already feel improvements on her voice and feels like she’s part of a new family.

“In that class, we’re all just a big happy family and we’re really comfortable with each other. We know that we’re there for each other,” freshmen Valentina Diaz said.

“In the last three weeks that I have been in high school choir, I have improved a lot,” Diaz said. “Our teacher has taught us really in-depth about how we should hear music.”

“I think that everybody should try it,” Diaz said. “I know a lot of people that say that they don’t have a very good voice or that they can’t sing. But when they get into the class they actually really like it. I think that everybody should try it and if it’s not for you then they don’t have to continue with it.”