Under Pressure

Can Freshman Handle an AP Class?

Lauren Reddin, Staff Writer


Freshmen attending Blue Valley have the option to take AP Human Geography, the only AP class offered to freshmen.

Freshman Molly Holmes is taking this class and said the workload very high.

“I’ve had to work and study a lot more by myself,” Holmes said. “In the past I never really had to study because I knew most of the information, but that all changed with this class.”

Freshman Jeffrey Greenfield said he is taking AP Human Geography for an increased GPA.

“It boosts your GPA another number, which means an A in this class would bReddin_Infographice a 5.0 on your GPA, which looks good on your transcript,” Greenfield said.

Holmes, who has never taken another AP class, said she has been challenged by this course so far in the school year.

“It’s definitely a lot harder,” she said. “The textbook especially is harder for freshman because it is above our reading levels.”

Greenfield, also a first-time AP student, said this class requires an hour of studying at home every night to succeed and achieve the grade desired.

“AP Human Geography is manageable, as long as you keep up with assignments and don’t procrastinate or it will be impossible to succeed, especially for freshman” Holmes said.