Cell Phones in the Classroom

Beneficial or a Distraction?

Neel Patel, Fall 2015 J1 Student

Article and Infographic

Recently, as cell phones have obtained more features, they have become more worrisome for teachers and parents. “I originally bought [my student] a phone because I wanted to stay in contact with her, especially after school.” parent Frank Thomas said.

“I do like spending time on my phone, and I usually end up playing games and texting my friends,” freshman Cameron Nangia said. It is clear that many students use their phones for things their parents did not intend.

They also include features that could be beneficial to students. “Everyone has a phone now, so having one is helpful.” Nangia said. According to Nangia, features such as taking pictures of assignments and playing educational games inside of class are very important.

“It seems there are apps that are useful in the classroom and some teachers have successfully worked them into the curriculum.” Thomas said. Parents are hopeful that students will use their phones responsibly and schools can reinforce positive habits.

Since phones are allowed in school, the problems that arise with them must be solved to have better control of them for the students’ learning. “Some people play games and text when they are not supposed to,” Nangia said.

According to Thomas, if education is the primary goal of schools then anything that hinders that goal needs to be regulated. “I have heard that schools have taken a student’s device away temporarily if they violate cell phone policies. Teachers should not have to compete with mobile devices for the student’s attention.” Thomas said.