Through the Lens of a Student verse Administrator

Dress Code defines Students

Molly Harrigan, Fall 2015 J1 Student


fall 2015 j1 student

Blue Valley has had a long-standing dress code ever since the school has been built. It is in place to have a professional environment BV vice principal, Mollie McNally said.

“I think in every environment there is certain decorum and rules  that are set up for how people should try to dress” McNally said.

Students and administration have had different views on the dress code rules of BVHS.

There is a rule in the dress code rule that states the strap of a person’s shirt has to be the width of two fingers.

“I think they are ridiculous because no boys are looking at your shoulders” Sophomore, Sydnei Washington said regarding the dress code and the previous rule mentioned.

“We just want to make sure everyone is covered” McNally said.

There has always been an ongoing debate that the dress code is more directed towards girls than boys so in other words “sexist”.

“No actually this year we went through the dress code and intentionally went through to make sure that we were taking away anything that seemed that it was toward one side than the other.” McNally said.

Students have various views on whether the dress code is “sexist” or not.

“ girls have have it rough…some boys wear tight khakis that’s distracting let me tell you some tight khakis are way more distracting than my shoulder being out so I think that’s a little stupid” Washington said.

There will always be a dress code but there is times when the rules of it will change Mcnally said.