It’s Not All That Bad

Addie Sartino shares what it’s like to be in a band

Senior Addie Sartino is in a band called The Greeting Committee with her bandmates juniors Brandon Yangmi and Austin Fraser and BV alumnus Pierce Turcotte and have recently traveled around North America to share their talents. The band’s new album, It’s Not All That Bad was recently released.

“We started our band a little over a year ago, and over the summer I called Brandon and asked him if he would form a band with me because we had written music together previously,” Sartino said.

Sartino said she was first making music on her own and released a self-titled EP, Addie Sartino.

“When I was a solo artist, I really liked the music that I wrote, but I didn’t like performing it because it was really scary to be alone on stage.” Sartino said. “So that was what made me decide to form a band.”

A bad breakup in her fifth grade year inspired Sartino to start writing music, she said; and when she got the opportunity, she released it.

“On my own, it’s usually just me sitting alone with a guitar or ukelele just kind of playing whatever, but with the band usually we write a song all together in the basement or wherever we’re practicing and then I’ll record the instruments then I’ll take my phone and plug it into my car and just drive around until I figure out words.” Sartino said.

The Greeting Committee has been on the radio quite a bit, and they’ve had the opportunity to play at music festivals like Buzz Beach Ball and with bands like Misterwives, Sartino said.

“Our manager Lazlo last-minute set that up, so we went and played with [Misterwives] and played with them again at Buzz Beach Ball.” Sartino said. “It was really crazy. That was the first time that everything that had happened really hit me, and so, two minutes before we were going on stage, I started crying, and so my tour manager Peyton was like trying to calm me down because I was so overwhelmed and excited to perform.”

Sartino’s little sister, Calle Sartino, is proud of her sister, and she her favorite Greeting Committee song is ‘Hands Down.’

“I’ve been to five concerts,” Calle said. “They’re very fun.”

Addie said her plans for the future are to stick with her band see where things will take her.

“Hopefully our band’s plans are the same, I think most of us just want the same short-term goal.”  Addie said. “I know that not everybody wants the same long-term goal, but we all just want each other to be happy, so we’ll figure it out.”IMG_5241