Blue Valley Family grows

Claire Chapman transfers to BV this year

A school of 1,467 students added a new student this year — sophomore Claire Chapman. Chapman is a first time transfer from Blue Valley North, and she joined the family of BV at the beginning of the school year.

Transferring has different effects on all the people that endure it. Some people have positive effects and others have negative ones; it just depends on the reasons behind the transfer, what their outlook is on it, etc.

“It didn’t feel real. I was really scared at the beginning but after the hump I felt like I had been going there forever already. I knew so many people already so that made it easier,”Chapman said.

Chapman had know various people before transferring so this helped, she said.

BV’s mission is to be committed to excellence, responsibility, and educational growth while building on our tradition of community. BV posses a certain attitude and reputation.

“I had heard a lot of good things about the education and how the people that go and teach here are super nice and welcoming —  friendly reputation,” Chapman said.

BV is a school based on tradition and excellence. Principle Bacon holds each and every student up to high expectations. These expectations influence how people act in school and view school.

“You can tell that the people generally enjoy going to school at BV and at BVN going to school felt like a burden,” Chapman said.

Sophomore friend, Anne Hastert said  “I think it was the right idea for her to transfer because the advancement of education will help her in the future and because of how friendly and welcoming BV is as a whole.”

Ultimately, Chapman said making the switch to BV was a good one.

“I think she is getting more of an advanced academic experience and meeting new people who are a lot friendlier than the people at her old school,” Hastert said.

That atmosphere of all the BV schools have different feels.

“BV definitely has more school spirit compared to BV North….the teaching is a lot more personal, and it’s a slower paced so I can comprehend the material better.” Chapman said.

There are various reasons for a person to transfer and they are specified to each person that transfers.

“ The people weren’t very nice [at BV North],” Chapman said is one of the main reasons she transferred.

At BV Chapman has a different outlook.

“ I really like how kind everyone is. I honestly feel like I’ve been going here forever.” Chapman said

Overall Chapman said she is happy with her decision to transfer to BV and hopes to continue here until she graduates. She said this school seems to be the fit for her like how she is the fit for BV.

“It’s overall a friendlier environment, and I just feel like I can be anyone I want to be,” Chapman said. “I am open to so many more different opportunities.”IMG_3679