September National News 2016

Julie Freijat, co-editor in chief

Local: Kansas City Royals retire “Rally Mantis”

The Kansas City Royals have decided to retire their good-luck charm, a small brown mantis found during a game in Detroit. The mantis, mscreen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-34-37-pmore commonly known by Royals fans as “Rally Mantis” stayed with the team as they won 18 of 24 games during August. Though it’s become fairly popular amongst fans and the players, the team decided to donate it to a nature center to allow it to live the rest of its natural life.

Why is this a big deal? After snagging a World Series Title last year, the Royals raised the bar for themselves. While they played well with the mantis by their side, there’s no telling what’s in store now that it’s gone. Without their beloved good-luck charm, the team would need a miracle to make it to the playoffs this fall.

National: North Dakota pipeline sparks protest

Recently, the construction of a 1,170 mile-long oil pipeline in North Dakota sparked protests by the Native American tribe currently residing in the area. The reservation, belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, is just south of the planned route for the pipeline to cover. The tribe is concerned that a spill from screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-34-50-pmthe pipeline could cause environmental damage to the area and asked that construction could be halted. The issue brought thousands of protesters fro m areas across the country to stand against the pipeline. The case was soon brought to federal court. On Sept. 9, it was ruled that the pipeline could continue being built. Minutes later the Federal Government stepped in and halted the construction against court orders.

Why is this a big deal? Among the vast amount of national election coverage, Native Americans are finding it difficult to make their presence known. This victory is a good sign for the tribe and the environment they protect.

International: North Korea disregards sanctions, tests nuclear warhead

Recently, North Korea defied UN sanctions and tested a nuclear warhead. While this isn’t the first time North Korea has ignored warning from the global community, it is creating a growing concern amongst numerous countries. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said they are “preparing foscreen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-39-23-pmr the worst,” after the revelation of the country’s nuclear capabilities. Shortly after world leaders had condemned the tests, North Korea appealed for aid after deadly floods swept the country. This comes as South Korea said North Korea is ready to launch their sixth test on nuclear weapons.

Why is this a big deal? North Korea continues to grow as a threat not only to surrounding countries and the world but its own people as well. Testing nuclear weapons can lead to disaster but also an advancement in their technology. The possibility they could combine the warheads with their missiles is cause for concern.