BV School Store

Blue Valley High School’s New School Store

The new school store at Blue Valley has big plans in store for the future and for students. It is run by BV students alongside business teacher Kathy Peres.

“The school store is scheduled to open in January,” sophomore Jordan Keith said.

It will be in the commons where the extra tables are stored in the back right corner so that all students will have easy access to the store.

“[The school store] is ran by students, and we make all of the products and do all of the financial system work,” sophomore Ashley Pinkham said.

All of the students who are enrolled in the school store class are required to be a part of DECA and have an interest in business.

“We have an apparel line and are going to be selling all types of clothing,” Keith said.

The store also has plans to sell food and beverages, such as coffee and different snacks.

Keith said she is particularly involved with the novelty team, which will be selling lanyards, license plates, sunglasses and car decals.

“My goal for working at the store is to meet a lot of new people and to start something that will leave my mark at Blue Valley,” Keith said.

Keith said she is excited about all the different clothes that will be sold at the school store instead of going to an outside party to buy apparel.

The students are unsure of the hours that the store will be open, but for now they will be having flash sales during Tiger Paws. In the future, they expect to be selling before, during and after school as well as at some sporting events.

“If you’re interested in what’s going on at the school store as the year advances, you can talk to Mrs. Peres, and you can follow @BvhsStore on Twitter,” Keith said.screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-10-00-01-am