Student’s Storage

Freshman tell their opinions on lockers

Mukta Gotoor, Fall 2016 J1 student

Lockers are used many times a day.

“I use my locker six times a day” freshman Olivia Romisch said.

Students use their lockers for not carrying a heavy weight around the school for the whole school day. Also, some students like to use their backpacks for going to their classes faster and not to worry about being late.

“Carrying your items in your backpack is very nice, but putting all the heavy items in your locker to decrease the weight is also very nice,” freshman Ananya Palley said.

Students have loads of supplies for each class. The locker size is perfect for everything they need. “I store all my supplies and materials I also store my backpack and lunch,” Palley said.

The locker is convenient, but sometimes students forget something they needed for their class. “I forgot ‘Stotan!’ one time, and there was only one minute left, but I didn’t need it at the moment,” Romisch said.

Depending on where their locker is, students have to either rush to their classes or can chat with their friends during passing period. Palley has an opinion of where her ideal locker would be. “I would put it right in the middle of the freshman hall, to make it easier to go one class to the other,” Palley said.

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-38-46-pmAlthough students have some preferences of their lockers, they all agree that lockers are important and helps students be organized throughout their high school years.

“I feel that it is a good size because can fit all the stuff in and the size is just right not too small but not too big,” Palley said.