BV Dances Under the Sea

Blue Valley High School prepares for Homecoming

Outrageous spirit weeks, cringey proposals and last-minute frenzies to find that perfect dress can only mean one thing: Homecoming.

The Homecoming game is taking place on Sept. 30 and the dance occurs the following day, Oct. 1. In preparation for the big day, many groups work diligently to put on the most anticipated event of the year.

“We have meetings every Wednesday and Friday and we talk about the theme and spirit week ideas and then with the decoration committee we discuss our plans for the decorations” Bailey Sibenaller, sophomore class secretary, said.

Student Council also works hard to come up with a fun and versatile theme to get the student body excited and encourage class participation.

“It’s a really good theme — Under the Sea should be pretty fun,” Sibenaller said. “I’m hoping that sophomores will be more involved, especially with the float and spirit week”.

Another group that must prepare for the occasion is the Blue Valley Cheerleading Team.

We always do a Homecoming routine. We have just begun learning and preparing our routine to show to the school,” sophomore Ally Rhea, Junior Varsity cheerleader, said.

The cheerleaders along with all the groups working on planning the dance are anticipating an even better Homecoming than last year’s. Even the students have high expectations for the dance.

“I feel like it’s going to be more relaxed and I’ll know what to do” Rhea said.screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-19-09-pm