You Decide: Are we in trouble either way?

It’s the final month before the presidential election — this is what BV has to say about it:

You Decide: Are we in trouble either way?

Noma Kreegar, Editor in Chief


“Secretary Clinton has experience, a wealth of knowledge and an iron will. Hillary is knowledgeable and pragmatic. She has experience keeping cool under pressure. She knows how to work across the aisle to complete important work in the effort to make life better for Americans. She’s willing to meet with anyone, anywhere, at any time to find common ground and achieve results, but she also knows when it’s important to stand her ground.”

— Sophomore Jack Reeves

“I really like that she’s trying to switch to clean energy. She’s raising taxes for super rich and wealthy people to make college more affordable — I just agree with all of it. She actually cares and wants to help people.”

— Sophomore Niki Joshi


“I appreciate that he’s consistently conservative and socially liberal because that aligns with my views. I don’t believe in the democratic party economic-wise, but I do agree with their social views. Hillary, I think, is a pathological liar and Trump, I don’t think is presidential enough. I understand where they both come from. He’s just not very presidential and [Johnson] is a lot more presidential than Trump, who endorses racism and other bad things.”

— Senior Tate Clemen


“I lineup very closely with Trump’s ideologies. I agree a lot with him on issues, and I like how he tells it how it is and not just what you want to hear. He tells you what you need to [hear]. I agree a lot with his policies [on immigration, health care, gun control and economy] and his plans for office. I’m excited to see what he’s going to do when elected.”

— Senior Lexi Palacio

“During [Clinton’s] time as Secretary of State, she took large loans from special interest groups in exchange for government favors. Hillary Clinton has been a politician who has betrayed the Constitution many times and done illegal things over the course of many years, and I don’t think that we can have that in our presidency. Generally, I just don’t agree with the policy she holds. I’m a conservative — I’m not a liberal.”

— Junior

Chandler Jones