Living With a Foreign Exchange Student

Life with someone from another country

katPiatczyc, Fall 2016 J1 student

Foreign exchange students have been a huge part of the blue valley school district for many years. This year Freshman Lukas Losen was given a very special opportunity that impacted his life in many ways. “Ever since I lost my brother it’s been lonely around the house so my family and I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring Saúl into our family.” Losen said. Saúl came from a small town in northern Spain all the way to Kansas for his senior year of high school. “I thought it would be nice to experience other people’s culture and see what it’s [Kansas] like. Senior Saúl Egido said. Having someone from a complete other country could be challenging at times but you could learn a lot from them. “He helps me a lot he’s very athletic and makes me want to work harder.” Losen said. Adapting to someone that you haven’t lived with your whole life can get stressful at times but building a strong relationship with that person is the most important thing you can take from the experience.

“We get along just like any siblings do we like to play video games together but we always get in arguments a lot.”

Losen said. Saúl and Lukas are really lucky to have the opportunity to meet each other and learn about each other’s cultures, they learn a lot from each other and have made each other better people without even realizing it. “He helps me a lot, he’s very athletic so he makes me want to work harder to become better.” Losen said.  They both enjoy learning from each other and experiencing things that are unusual and different for saúl. “If I didn’t have him around it would be kinda weird he helps me a lot I feel like I finally have a sibling again.”Losen said. The school year just started so it’s only the beginning of time that Egido and Losen have together. “He will be with us until the end of the school year.” Losen said. It will be a difficult transition going from having someone to not, but Losen isn’t thinking about the end he’s only living in the present. “If I didn’t have him around it would be kinda weird he helps me a lot I feel like I finally have a sibling again.” Losen said. Being able to have a strong connection with someone when you are so far away from home would be nice because leaving your family does get hard. “I have a young brother that’s close to lukas age so it’s nice having that in common.” Saul said. Living together has impacted Losen’s life tremendously and this is only the start. The boys still have until the end of the school year to learn from each other and form a bond that will hopefully stay with them forever even after Egido goes back to Northern Spain. “I love saul we are each other’s best friends I wouldn’t change this [opportunity] at all i’m very grateful.