Tigers Inc.

BV set to open new school store


The school store staff plans to open for business near the beginning of second semester.

The opening date is dependent upon completion of construction of the store, which will be located in the commons where the spirit box is currently located.

The staff of the store has worked toward the store’s opening during the school day in the class Marketing: Promotion and Advertising, taught by Kathy Peres.

“Class is interesting because we have different lines doing different things,” senior Kale Samber said. “We have food and [beverage] who has worked on getting coffee into our store. We have apparel who works on fashion. We have novelty items — they’re working on getting cups and lanyards. I’m in financial, so I’m in charge of keeping track of sales and coming up with promotions. The final one is business operations. They’re in charge of set-up and our managers.”

The store will be called Tigers Inc., which was decided from a collaboration during the store’s class time.

There are plans to build walls and make a room for the store in the corner of the commons where the spirit box is currently located. The staff recently visited several schools, including BV Northwest, Olathe East and Lee’s Summit to see how they wanted to model Tigers Inc.

“It helped because we were able to see what to do and what not to do,” Samber said. “At Lee’s Summit, we saw that they had more than one door, which promoted the flow of traffic. We want to incorporate that into our store.”

The store plans to be open before school and during Tiger Paws.

“We are excited to open and to provide merchandise to all of BV,” Samber said. “We will sell T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, lanyards, gum, food, cups and Parisi coffee — we’re talking about a discount for people who buy a reusable coffee cup. We’ve also talked about renting out lawn chairs or folding chairs so kids aren’t sitting on the floor during Tiger Paws.”

In addition, the school store will also provide shirts for sale throughout the year for different events.

“I’m excited for my students to finally get to open and to be able to run a real business while providing BV with some awesome items,” Peres said.