Prom Festivities

Activities, fun being had for the dance

Grace Lutz, Staff Writer

High heels and dress shoes enter the venue all dressed up and ready for the Blue Valley 2017 prom. Prom 2017 was held at the Ironwoods Park barn, and began at 9 P.M.
“The dance was held at a new venue that was bigger than the previous one.” junior Mia Garton said.
The barn was set up beautifully, and coordinated with the theme ‘Roaring 20s’ admirably, the students said.
“My prom experience was a blast, I went with some friends and had such a good time.” Garton said.
Prom is a night where you can forget about all the stress from school, and just have a good time with your friends or date.
“There was a lot to do in order to get everything together,” sophomore Lunden Elston said, “but it was so fun and I’m glad I got to experience it as a sophomore.”
Although a lot of preparation went into making this magical night possible, the students of BV agree that it was well worth it.
“There was such good music playing, so it was impossible not to dance the whole time.”
The dance neared an end, and it was time for after prom, which was held in the gymnasiums and commons area of Blue Valley.
“After prom was so fun. By the end of prom, it was so nice just to relax and have a good time with all my friends at after prom.” Elston said.
There were numerous gifts and prizes being given away at after prom, as well as activities being held.
“Lots of dancing, lots of laughs, and lots of great memories that I’ll remember forever.” Garton said.