The Last Week, Your Last Straw

Students struggling to push through finals

Sadie Myer, Staff Writer

Imagine you’re upstairs in your bed, working on your homework that’s due tomorrow. But you’re constantly distracted by your stomach, which hasn’t stopped growling for hours. You do your best to stay focused and just use the fact that mom is downstairs cooking dinner right now, as your motivation to keep going.  As every minute passes your ears are peeled as you wait to hear your favorite 2 words- “Dinner’s ready!” But it just doesn’t come. The work is agonizing enough, but then you start to smell something. It takes a few sniffles, but then it hits you- STEAK. Which is no question, your first pick of dinner choices. You attempt to keep going, but it’s just too much. Next thing you know you’re rushing downstairs to wait the last few minutes ready at the kitchen table, just so you know you’ll be served first. For the majority of students, this is exactly how finals week is going this year. But instead of waiting for dinner, it’s their summer vacation that is taunting them. The doing homework aspect is the same, because they’re putting the minimal energy they have left into studying for these finals. They’re not being attacked by their grumbling stomach, but rather the overwhelming exhaustion and stress that is being stacked on top of them. The sweet smell of summer, it’s literally days away. Through the eyes of parents and geniuses, finals week is just the home stretch. All they need to do, is push through harder than they have all year. It’s a lot easier said than done, though. Procrastination sinks in, the hours of sleep deteriorate, the hygiene goes out the window, and for the first time ever, every other possible activity (as stupid as it may be) seems so much better than studying. Junior Nicki Ogden shares how she reacts to finals week. “I think about how hard I have worked all year to get the grades I have, so I know how to prioritize what finals to study harder for.” she said. But once again, it’s easy to say that, but a lot harder to actually do it. “The hardest part though, is when you have no motivation since summer is so close. But I have learned to just sit down and study because it will be worth it in the end.” And this is what more stu
dents need to realize. Having free time during the school year is amazing, but often times studying would actually be in your best interest. During the summer though, there is almost no way you can have this pressure to deal with. Maybe you should be cleaning out your closet or car, but that doesn’t change your GPA. Summer break is almost 3 months off, that you can spend however you please. Isn’t that a good reward for an hour or so of studying? Plus, you might create some of your favorite memories, the ones that last a lifetime. Especially if it’s your last summer in high school. “[Since we’re juniors,] It’s the last summer before everyone separates and goes off to different schools, so it’s a good time to cherish the final moments we have all together.” Ogden shared. But, If self-assurance and motivation isn’t enough for you, just remember this-


The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”

-Nelson Mandela