Buzzers and Beaters

Activity sponsor and social studies teacher Catherine Written answers questions about Scholar’s Bowl



What is Scholars’ Bowl?

Answer: “An academic competition that is part of Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) that is a state-wide deal. Tournaments start mid-October and include 16 questions that teams of five must answer in a head to head Scholastic competition. Students are questioned over language, science, math, social studies, literature, current events and religion.”


Q: When is it?

A: “Various schools hold tournaments. Most are Monday or Thursday afternoons due to the busy schedules students participating have. This year we’re playing St. Thomas Aquinas and traveling to Gardner for a tournament.”


Q: What is your role in Scholars’ Bowl?

A: “I’m the facilitator because I let the kids do the recruiting, but since I teach all sophomores, when I see potential, I invite them to join.”


Q: How is the team predicted to do this year?

A: “Pretty good. We have our first tournament the beginning of November, and I’ve got one returning varsity, plus some with tournament experience. We lost key players, so there’s a toss up, but there’s always that one kid that comes in and they run over everyone because they know their stuff.”


Q: How do you prepare for Scholars’ Bowl?

A: “I use my room for hour practices on Mondays for JV. That practice is open to everyone, I have people from every grade who come participate. However, the Varsity team is for specific members who compete in tournaments.”


Q: What are the qualities of someone on the team?

A: “Knowledge. I want team members who know general knowledge, but it also helps to have experts in certain categories. Also, team members must be confident when answering and

have self control by balancing the element of working together and learning the balance between being overly confident and not confident enough.”


Q: What is your favorite part about Scholars’ Bowl?

A: “There’s a lot of fun parts. I like going to the tournaments be

cause trivia is my thing, although they aren’t really trivia questions. They’re scholastic-based, but that’s the trivia I’m good at. But, as weird as it sounds, the van rides have to be my favorite part. Since it’s a small te

am, we just bond and talk about everything that’s going on in their lives. I like forming a

closer relationship with a small hand of students.”