First and Last

Juniors in first and Sophomores in last for the homecoming class competition

Claire Powell, Editor-in-Chief

Currently, juniors are in first place for the homecoming competition. Junior Sadie Brownfield said that especially because of her class participation today, they have a good chance of staying in first.

“There’s a lot of people in black and gold today,” Brownfield said.

Though Brownfield has not seen the junior class float, she said she thinks it is promising.

“From what I’ve heard about it, it’s going to be really good,” Brownfield said.

Junior Elizabeth Phillips said she is proud of her class participating as much as they have.

“Usually we have not had enough spirit and so it’s good to see that we’re spirited [this year],” Phillips said.

Phillips said even though the junior class is in first place, she believes they can show even more BV pride.

“A lot of people are [participating], but there’s still a few people who aren’t,” Phillips said. “Hopefully that will improve.”

In last place is the sophomores. Sophomore Sienna King said she is disappointed in her fellow classmates.

“We should be beating the freshman,” King said.

Sophomore Claire Stein said she is upset because there are a lot sophomores participating, but not enough.

“Half the class is really trying and the other half doesn’t care,” Stein said.

Stein said she has hope that her class will improve on their school spirit because the competition is more intense once a junior.

“As juniors, your main goal is to beat the seniors,” Stein said. “I feel like we will have a lot of drive to do that because we beat the sophomores last year.”

Unlike Brownfield, Stein has seen this year’s sophomore homecoming float and feels that is going to get first place.

“I don’t what the other classes have brought to the plate, but I think ours has a really good chance of winning,” Stein said.

Stein said she is still proud of her class, even though they are in last place.

“Usually sophomore year is the year [students] don’t participate,” Stein said. “There are a lot more sophomores that participated this year than they did last year.”

As of right now, from first to last it stand; juniors, seniors, freshmen, and sophomores. This may change later on because of the participation from yesterday, today, and the homecoming floats.