Military Munchies


Vince Orozco, Managing Editor

On Nov. 11, 100 years ago, the Allies and Central powers signed the Armistice of Compiègne, marking the end of World War I. It was also Veterans Day, a time to honor those who served in the United States Armed Forces.

This year, National History Honor Society (NHHS) hosted a luncheon to give Blue Valley students a chance to interact with veterans face to face.

NHHS officer sophomore Shayla Bhuri said the luncheon took place Nov. 12 during Tiger Paws A and B in the library. Bhuri and the rest of the officers decided to make this an open event.

“Veterans and active military members are all welcomed to this luncheon,” Bhuri said. “All students of any grade level and the staff are invited to come to this event.”

Bhuri said the NHHS officers had several reasons behind organizing the luncheon.

“The motivation was to honor the veterans and active military members for Veterans Day on Nov. 11,” Bhuri said. “We all appreciate the great service from each military member. Another reason for this event is that we will be remembering the Armistice for World War I, which will be the 100th anniversary.”

Bhuri said the students will have an opportunity to learn much from the warriors.

“Students are invited to come and create meaningful conversations with veterans and active military,” Bhuri said. “Each student can take time to learn about the experience and history in war each of these great veterans [and] active military members have. This event is also a way for the students and staff to thank these military members for their service.”

This was the first of many other opportunities for all interested in what NHHS has to offer.

“The National History Honor Society will most likely plan another event like this and honor another significant time in history,” Bhuri said.