Nothing’s Sweeter

Students prepare for sweetheart dance class competition

Nothing’s Sweeter

Tymber Moody and Olivia Sherlock

Every year, the week before Sweetheart, every grade level participates in a class dance competition. The Student Council members worked to create the most eye-catching dances and the catchiest song mash-ups for their dance in order to outshine the other classes.

Junior Annie Wang is happy to be in her class dance. “The class dance is super fun because now that we’re juniors, a lot more people are actually doing it and having fun,” Wang said.

Junior Brooke Erdley is very excited about the juniors’ chances at winning this year. “I think we have a really good chance to win, we have a great mix of songs which should help our chances,” Erdley said.

Junior Emma Gardner has fun at the rehearsals despite nerves about the performance.  “I’m really excited because the dance is good, but I’m nervous to perform in front of the whole school,” Gardner said.

Junior Jacob Jackson expressed his appreciation for the long-lasting BV tradition. “Class dances are a really fun way for classes to show off their best dance moves,” Jackson said.