Credit Conspiracy

Students’ opinions on graduation requirements at BV


Claire Powell

Checking his transcript, freshman Spencer Norman looks at his past grades and credits.

Spencer Norman, Staff Writer

At Blue Valley, students believe having required classes and credits for graduation can both help and hurt students. One topic in which everyone has a strong opinion on is having to take specific classes to graduate. “I think that [required classes are] good because it gives students a chance to find what they like and don’t like,” sophomore Makenna Hayes said. “It forces them into finding what they like and having a better option of choosing their major and minor in college.”

Freshman Sarah Moore believes it’s important that students know what they want to do in the future and that students have a choice in what classes they want to take.

“We need more of an opportunity to explore different classes than being required to take specific classes,” said Moore.

Hayes thinks having required credits and classes could be beneficial for students.

“It gives them a chance to see what they like and don’t like, but I don’t think they should be required to take [re- quired classes] all throughout their high school career,” Hayes said.

Some classes are seen as being beneficial for students if they were needed to graduate.

“I think it’s important students are well-rounded and understand information that’s needed for basic life skills,” Moore said. “I think some of the classes that we’re required to take aren’t beneficial.”

One class Moore said should be required is personal finance because “that’s something everybody is going to need.”

Another student opinion is that there shouldn’t be specific classes required to graduate Hayes said.

“It would be better if [BV] required credits because gaining credits is easier than going to a class you don’t enjoy and have no interest in,” Hayes said.

Students believe the classes and credits students graduate with should be the student’s choice.

“You should be able to gain credits for the thing you’re going to college for and that should be what you’re able to graduate with,” Hayes said.

Moore thinks that students would benefit from taking only classes relevant to their future.

“You should be able to take classes that are needed for your life. If you don’t have an interest in art whatsoever, and you know you don’t like art, then you shouldn’t have to take it,” said Moore.

BV needs to put more trust in the students they know what they’re doing and what direction to go in, Moore said.

“It’s important for students to explore different subjects and things they might have not known they were interested in,” Moore said. “[Having required classes is] taking away from the student’s freedom to choose and doubting them in a sense — you’re assuming they don’t know what they want to do.”