Senior-Faculty Challenge

Seniors and Faculty Compete to see who is Superior


Liya Patel, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year approaches, the yearly tradition of the senior-faculty challenge makes its highly-anticipated appearance.

The senior-faculty challenge is just that: a challenge between all the faculty, and the majority of the senior class.

Each year, students are required to turn in the “gift of life” slip, which is used to bring awareness to organ donation, or $2. After that, students are ushered to the gym to watch.

The challenge consists of many fun activities that get the whole crowd excited. Some of these activities include volleyball, pictionary, trivia and mario cart.

For the past few years, the faculty has pulled out many wins. That tradition certainly didn’t die this year.

With clear domination in volleyball, trivia, and mario cart, the faculty made a well-deserved finish with the tug-of- war.

The senior-faculty challenge is a fun way for students to continue to experience the culture of BV, and is predicted to continue for the years ahead.

As for the seniors next year, the whole school has high expectations for them to pull out a win for the students.