Bye Sisters!

James Charles vs Tati Westbrook scandal


Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

Here’s the tea, sisters!

James Charles is in the spotlight once again. Charles has been the first person in Youtube history to lose nearly 3 million subscribers in the last week.

He’s in a feud with one of his ex-best friends, Tati Westbrook.

Charles and Westbrook are youtube beauty influencers. When it comes to trying a new makeup look, going to Coachella, or doing a challenge with friends, Charles and Westbrook are always doing recent trends.

Towards the end of Coachella, Charles posted an ad for Sugar Bear Hair. That brand of vitamins is a huge competitor to Westbrook’s company, Halo Beauty.

After Charles has attended the most recent Met Gala, Westbrook came out with a video titled, “Bye Sisters”. Tati’s video has over 40 million views and 3 million thumbs up. She talks about how she and her husband helped Charles get management and start his career.

They gave him extra money, helped him get brand deals, and helped get him involved in the beauty community.

Charles made a video responding to Westbrook saying how he was sorry. Many fans were disappointed in Charles and decided to unsubscribe.

Charles started with 16.5 million subscribers before the fight and is currently at 13.5 million subscribers.

Westbrook started at 6 million subscribers and is currently at 9.7 million subscribers.

Other beauty influencers have put their input, for example, Jeffree Star. He had shaded Charles but congratulations Westbrook on her 7 million subscribers and then corrected himself by talking about how she got to 8 million. Westbrook hasn’t come out with a video responding to Charles’ video.

Charles’ career has been on a halt while Westbrook’s has been on the rise.