Hacker Takes Down BV Server

digital crisis takes Blue Valley District by storm

Hacker Takes Down BV Server

Charlie Trent, Editor-In-Chief

As the school year drew near, the students and staff of the Blue Valley District were preparing for the year ahead. However, this year there was a major disruption due to a cyber attack against the Blue Valley District’s server. 

The cyber attack took place around 2 A.M. on Friday, August 2. The person behind the attack hacked into the Blue Valley Server and held it for ransom from the district.

Blue Valley refused to pay the sum to the attacker in order to regain control over the server, and the staff was busy at work trying to repair and rebuild the network. Programs such as Canvas and StudentVue were unable to be accessed, and each of the Blue Valley School’s respective websites were shutdown.

Students did not have access to finalized schedules up until August 15, where they received printed copies. Councilors were scheduled to release schedules the first week of August, but because of the cyber attack that took place, they were unable to have them completely finished until the first day of school.

The staff at Blue Valley High set up blow-up mattresses in the office and around the school while working on restoring order before school was in session. Although there are still many problems with the website, Canvas, StudentVue, and more, the server has been almost fully restored.

Staff are currently encouraged to avoid using technology in class in order to ensure every student can participate and to decrease complications. The normal policy at BV for saving paper is on hiatus due to the necessity of tech-free activities.

Students may continue to be unable to access their accounts on Canvas, and may also experience problems using online browsers with and without the school wifi. Patience is encouraged while staff and students work around network issues for the next few weeks.