| PHOTO BY CLAIRE POWELL Matthew G, 12; Sam Murphy, 12, Nick M, 12 Every year the school’s repertory theatre department goes to a convention in Wichita, Kansas to learn more about theatre, and the improv team, Fifth Wall, competes for State. This year Fifth Wall won first place. Senior improver Sam Murphy had emotions running high, not just because of winning state but also gaining popularity while in Wichita. “There’s an anonymous app called Jodel that is used at the convention, and a joke was made on there by a few of my fellow classmates,” Murphy said. “It bloomed into something that I can only describe as madness, but basically, I’m a celebrity.” Thanks to his quick fame on Jodel, many fans came to watch him and the rest of the improv team perform for finals, which according to Murphy, helped lead them to a win. “It was a great moment — it’s something I’ve been looking forward to since I was born,” Murphy said. “It kind of peaked my life.”

Claire Powell, Editor-in-Chief