Is TikTok as Beneficial as its Users Say it is?


Brynn Friesen, Staff Writer

TikTok, first known as, has become a huge part of most kids’ lives. Whether they downloaded it as a joke or to try to gain fame, most can say that they are addicted to this popular social media platform.

The app includes a variety of features that allows users to post, like, comment, and more. People spend much of their time scrolling through the “For You Page,” watching others doing practically anything.

However, there has been some debate on whether this app is beneficial or mentally destructive. According to freshman Ava Gartellos, there are both pros and cons to this app.

“I think it’s funny to watch videos,” Gartellos said. “It’s probably not good to procrastinate with it.”

Screen time, along with procrastination through social media, is something that has been heavily debated on throughout the ‘00s. Parents have been notably concerned about their kids’ health and well-being as they scroll and scroll. Spanish teacher Kathryn Sanfle sees this as well.

“I think the amount of screen time should be decreased in general, but there’s a significant amount of hours spent on TikTok, watching the same things over and over again,” Sanfle said. “It probably could be fewer minutes.”

Freshman Audrey Buckman holds her own opinions on the app, and enjoys this time she spends scrolling through her “For You Page,” as well as trying to gain fame. 

“It definitely is hard watching Charli Damelio be way popular. I think I deserve the hype,” she said. “I like it though, it’s fun to watch inspirational videos.”

Buckman loves the app and spends over 3 hours on it nearly every day, however she still recognizes that it has some issues.

“It can be helpful in some ways,” she said. “[However], the hate comments can hurt.”

Social media, shown from studies, has been known to have certain affects on kids, whether it be good or bad. According to Sanfle, it can be very competitive. 

“Social media in general affects kids’ well-being and lives,” she said. “TikTok seems to be just another way to have an electronic popularity contest, and that is difficult to watch happen on TikTok and on other social media platforms.”

TikTok is just one example of the pros and cons of social media. People will continue to see these evolving patterns in society, both positive and negative.