Women’s History Month

celebration of female accomplishments in March


Mia Rice, Staff Writer

For years women have lived to tolerate the oppressing obstacles thrown at them constantly. When it comes to appreciating their groundbreaking contributions, women all around the world are embraced in the United States as the annual celebration of Women’s History Month is thrown. 

National Women’s History Month began honoring women in 1987. The spark that pushed people to give back to the viragos traces back to the protests against factories’ poor working conditions in 1857. The act of protesting put the women’s voices out in the public and raised important awareness. Appreciation was met in 1909 as New York City hosted the first Women’s Day celebration. This tradition continued until about seven decades later after Congress established a week of dedication to national women’s history being praised. That week came to be a month of celebration in 1987 after Congress came to realize the importance of feminism accomplishments and all women have done throughout history. Every month is specified to a themed topic concerning women’s history. One of these historical contributions is women’s suffrage. Almost everyone understands and learns of how white women earned the right to vote in the 1920s, marking a time of change for how they could be more active in their nation. As of the obvious 2020 elephant in the room (COVID-19) National Women’s history month was cut abruptly that year—so 2021 took over and attempted to join the almost-lost theme of suffrage in 2020 and combined it with 2021’s rebellion theme thus creating; Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced. Every year that has passed with the national tradition sheds light on usually dimmed heroes. The expansion of a woman’s abilities comes from the bravery shown by the women who marched against discrimination and hoped for a better tomorrow.

Now with this month of appreciation, it is important to see the current day still being led by strong women during a crisis of controversial events because of the outdated stereotypes that once trapped us. Gratitude and respect to all women of all backgrounds this monththey are deserving of this celebration. Remember that every day, not just in March.