Houston, We Have a Problem

Harry Styles cancels show in Texas city

Brynn Friesen, Staff Writer

There’s a “fine line” when it comes to fans’ happiness and their general safety. For Harry Styles fans in Houston, safety had to come first.

Due to unfortunate circumstances regarding a tropical storm, pop singer Harry Styles had to cancel his long-awaited Houston show last Monday, the day it was supposed to occur. 

Unfortunately, due to the approaching storm in Houston, I’ve been advised that tonight’s show at the Toyota Center can’t happen,” Styles tweeted. “Safety must take priority, so please go home and be safe. I’m so sorry, thank you for understanding. I love you all. H.”

Fans are especially upset because he had to reschedule his tour to this time back when COVID-19 first hit, so they have been waiting for a long time only for it to be canceled.

Because of their desperation to finally see him in concert, people had been waiting outside in the downpour, causing others to take to the media and plead with Styles to cancel the show.

While the thousands of fans planning to attend were left disappointed, many are thankful for his decision to focus on their welfare, including the mayor of Houston.

“I can say a special thanks to Mr. Styles for putting safety before his sold out show,” mayor Sylvester Turner said. “That’s the spirit that we certainly want to see exemplified.”

On the other hand, many fans are very upset about the cancelation and are requesting a rescheduling for the Houston show.

One fan, user @Katheri94286441, posted a more calm representation on Twitter of their desire for him to reschedule the show, following it up with a gif to express their frustration.

“Me waiting for @Harry_Styles to announce the new Houston Love On Tour date.”

Another fan, user @harrybeloved, decided to be more aggressive to get their point across.

“Reschedule the Houston show NOW @harry_styles.”

Despite these varying responses and general frustration, the consensus view of his decision is mostly positive. 

As of now, Styles has not spoken up about a new date for the canceled show, but fans are still waiting eagerly for him to address it.