once a tiger, always a tiger

student commits to Mizzou for basketball

Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

From YMCA to the University of Missouri, senior Aidan Shaw is one of the most renowned athletes at Blue Valley. Shaw started playing in kindergarten, but it wasn’t until later when basketball became his first love.

“Sixth grade is when I kind of realized that I really liked this — it’s just what I do now,” Shaw said. “I wanted to play in college and go pro.”

Throughout his four years at BV, Shaw has played high school basketball.

“Getting to know players and seeing different people is really fun, especially with people around school,” Shaw said. “I get to see them every day, and to play basketball with them is a plus.”

Not only has he been playing with other students but also with other athletes on his level.

“I was on a team called MoKan,” Shaw said. “We traveled during the summer a lot all over. I think we only played in Kansas City one time. It was just me and one other person who was from Kansas, and everybody else was [from] out of state.”

For Shaw, there is a major distinction between playing for the school and playing for a club.

“Getting to know people from out of state who are decent or good at basketball [is different] — [you get to] travel and see NBA players, pros and other kids who are high-caliber people,” Shaw said. “It really pushes me to meet NBA players and talk to them about their process and how much they have to work to get there.”

Shaw officially made plans for after high school by committing to the University of Missouri.

“I’ve been talking to Mizzou since freshman year — talking to coaches and getting out to see the school was a big part of it,” he said. “[I asked] lots of questions about education and basketball.”

Shaw wants to major in architecture, but his real aspiration is to be in the NBA.

“I talked to the architecture teachers, and I got to know more about it — I’m looking forward to that as well as basketball,” Shaw said. “After college, I want to play in the NBA. That’s my main goal. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll be in architecture — if I do play in the NBA, when I retire, I will still go into architecture.”

Shaw’s past and future has been inspired by the biggest influences in his life.

“My family, my parents, my siblings — they really push me,” Shaw said. “Everybody works hard in what they do so it motivates me because I’m a role model for my little sibling.”