Running With Randall!

Teacher Darrell Randall is the new track and field coach at BVHS


Regan Byrnes, Web Editor

With the new track and field season springing ahead, a new coach has joined the staff, Darrell Randall. Math teacher Jonathan Jost, along with the help from broadcast teacher Andrew Reeves, coordinated with the district athletic director to decide Randall would be a wonderful addition to the team. 

“Mr. Randall knew we had a position, [so] we approached him, as well, because he’s expressed interest in the past and [the] reason I know that he would love to get on our staff,” Jost said.

What drew Jost to approach Randall was his past experience in track and field, and that he would have previous connections with other staff and students. 

“He brings his college track experience and coaching experience [and] helped him win the job over, as well as him being in the building [at BVHS],” Jost said. “It’s really helpful to have coaches that teach in the building bounce ideas.”

So far, track members and coaches have been very impressed with Randall’s contribution to the team, and can’t wait for what he brings to track and field in the future.

“[He has] done a great job working with our distance runners, bringing some new ideas to the table with distance runners by encouraging them, helping them train, and helping them get better this season,” Jost said.