To our beloved principal

A tribute to our fearless leader


Charlie Trent, Editor-In-Chief

As a senior, I’ve been lucky enough to be under the leadership of principal Scott Bacon for each of my years of high school, and I truly could not have asked for a better example of someone absolutely cherishing their job. 

In a world so full of individuals who settle into an adulthood that is comfortable for the sake of comfortability and mundane for the sake of safety, it’s refreshing to witness Mr. Bacon’s commitment to making the most of each day and appreciating the students and staff he oversees.

Whether through his attendance of each sport and activity at the school or the act of meeting with each and every senior to ask them about their future plans, his unequivocal dedication will be difficult to match. May we all be so lucky as to continue to have people such as Mr. Bacon in our lives.

To illustrate this to the Tigers, I’ve included pictures of Mr. Bacon I’ve taken throughout my years at BV, and while the make up of BV and the very fabric of the world around us may have changed, there’s one thing that has not: Mr. Bacon’s love for Blue Valley.

So thank you, Mr. Bacon, for everything you have done for us, 

Love the senior class

& Editor-in-Chief Charlie Trent.