Fresh Faces

Teachers join BV family

Fresh Faces

Isaac Hudson and Katie Kennedy

Brad Page

Years as administrator: 5

Years as teacher: 9.5 in special ed

Excited for: “Meeting new students, meeting faculty, embedding myself in the Blue Valley culture and traditions — that’s something that Blue Valley is known for.”

Nervous for: “I’m not nervous about anything. Everybody’s been so welcoming and ready to go.”

Brooke McCullough


Years as teacher: 3

Subject: Special Ed

Most excited for: “I’m excited to make relationships with my students.”

Nervous for: “[I’m] nervous about not being able to offer the right advice — I’m still so young and [might] not know what to say.”

Brooke Helpley


Years as teacher: 1.5

Subjects: ELA 9, ELA 12

Most excited for: “The spirit of a high school because I was teaching sixth grade, and they don’t have sports or clubs or anything fun.”

Nervous for: “How many times I’ll get lost in the building.”

Katy Fields


Years as teacher: 8

Subjects: ELA 11, Honors ELA 10

Most excited for: “I’m most excited about getting to know the students and the school’s culture. I’m having fun learning what it means to be a BVHS Tiger.”

Nervous for: “I’m most nervous about standing in the hallway at 2:45 p.m. People are ruthless getting to their cars or rides.”

Jodi Johnson


Years as teacher: 31

Subjects: French 3, Honors French 4

Most excited for: “I am most excited about getting to know my Tiger students because right now my classes have been so nice and really participating well, and so I’m excited to get to see [and] to know them.

Nervous for: “I’m not really nervous about anything. I mean, I’ve kind of been around a really long time, so I’m not really nervous about anything.”

Molly Dickerson

Years as teacher: 7

Subjects: Spanish 1 & 3

Most excited for: “The energy that Blue Valley has. I’ve heard so much about the energy the students [and teachers] have. I’m really excited to integrate myself into the community.”

Nervous for: “Not knowing how the schedules work and not knowing where anything is in the building. I basically know as much as the freshmen do because I don’t know what’s going on.”

Brooke Poskin

Years as teacher: 1

Subjects: Business Essentials, Marketing, Emerging Technologies

Most excited for: I am most excited this year to learn. I am learning right along with my students, and I hope to build great relationships with the students in my classes.

Nervous for: “EVERYTHING — just kidding — learning the ropes of new classes and teaching, but that’s also what I’m most excited about.”

Jason Robertson


Years as teacher: College for 10, high school for 5

Subjects: AP Statistics, Geometry 

Most excited for: “The culture of the building. I’m excited to be part of a more positive and forward-thinking culture.”

Nervous for: “The newness of it. Anytime you’re in a new place where people don’t know you, you’re trying to figure things out a little bit.”

Lauren DeBaun

Years as teacher: 18

Subjects: APUSH & MWH

Most excited for: “All of the firsts. Although I’m not new to teaching, I am new to the district, and I’m so grateful [to be here].”

Nervous for: “I’m not nervous about much; I can tell I’m a part of a great team and community.”

Nikki McCarthy


Years as teacher: 25

Subject: Special Ed

Most excited for: “I am excited to be at BV working with my daughter, Ms. Jordyn, and my husband, Mr. McCarthy, the school psychologist. My younger daughter, Jessica, is a junior here, too. It is fun all being under the same roof and part of the Tiger family.”

Nervous for: “I was nervous about changing from elementary to high school but have enjoyed this change. Staff and students have been so welcoming, and I truly appreciate it.”

Audrey Denges

Years as teacher: 1 

Subjects: Biology and Honors Biology

Most excited for: “I am most excited to build relationships with students and staff here at BV. I am pumped to start my coaching experience here with the softball team as well.”

Nervous for: “The thing I am most nervous about is not living up to my own expectations of myself as an educator. I want my students to feel like my class is worth their time — not just in the sense of biology, but relationally, too.”

Linda Hardy

Years as teacher: 16

Subjects: Spanish

Most excited for: “I’m most excited for my kids to speak more Spanish.”

Nervous for: “I’m mostly nervous about being the best teacher I can be.”

Grace Wright


Years as teacher: 11

Subjects: Bio, Honors Bio

Most excited for: “I am really excited about learning all the fun traditions here. I love getting to know students.”

Nervous for: “I had a lot of the same worries most freshmen have when entering high school. I was afraid I would get lost in the halls, nervous about the types of people I would have in my class, and intimidated by switching to a Macbook after years of teaching from an iPad.”