Brief Views Around Blue Valley

Graphic by Charley Thomas

Graphic by Charley Thomas

Charley Thomas, Editor in Chief

Boys’ Bowling Added

Photo submitted by Will Creamer

Though meet dates are not yet definite, the boys’ bowling team will start competing quickly after school resumes in January. Junior Parker Tills believes the team will be able to craft a solid roster, and with some fine-tuning, make a name for itself during its first season.

“I love the experience and seeing my progression,” Tills said. “My favorite part is definitely hanging out with friends and having a good time, but seeing my average go up is rewarding as well.”

Senior-Faculty Challenge

Photo submitted by Jason Dolezal

Sign-ups are currently available for the following upcoming events: timed puzzle races, darts, remote-control car races against the SROs, big Jenga, Uno, Spikeball, pickleball, badminton, trivia, tug-of-war, volleyball and fishing.

Priority will be given to those who have not yet participated in a game.

“None of this could happen if not for the people who choose to play,” senior class sponsor Jason Dolezal said.

Events typically take place during Tiger Time on even days, with the most recent event being basketball.


Masks Become Optional

Graphic by Charley Thomas

On Nov. 29, high school students and staff in the Blue Valley District were given the choice to attend school without a mask.

This decision, according to the district’s website, came as a result of a declining community spread of COVID-19 and an increasing number of vaccinations.

In the event that the percentage of positive cases at a building rises to 3%, mask requirements will be brought back for a minimum of two weeks.