Staff Editorial: Recession causes further budget cuts, BV must make adjustments

The Johnson County bubble has done a nice job of sheltering a majority of the Blue Valley District community.

“An economic recession? Not in our school.”

However, because of recent budget cuts, just like the rest of the country, our district, and our school, is struggling to make ends meet. 

Blue Valley is now facing a challenge like never before.

Principals and teachers in all schools in the district will be forced to decide what really deserves school funding and what expenses will have to be cut.

So, within the coming months of our second semester, and most likely into the next school year, our Johnson County bubble will be popped. 

The economic downturn we all thought would pass has hit our school.  

We will all be feeling the effects of a tighter budget and more difficult financial decisions. No expenditure will go unexamined.

As students, it is our duty to ensure that amidst all of the budget cutting and expense examining, we understand the situation and stand up for the most valuable parts of our high school experience.

Field trips, although few and far between, provide for a learning experience that can’t quite be achieved in the classroom.

 Unfortunately, a tighter budget won’t allow funding for trips to see plays or visit museums.

BV sports, one of the most cherished parts of our school, could see a change in the near future. 

With less money to devote to athletics and salaries for coaches, sports programs could see a reduction in teams, only allowing for varsity and junior varsity.

The list of potential items that could be cut is long. In all reality, every area of the district will feel some pain, whether it’s the custodial staff, the volleyball team or the art department.

It’s easy to just pass on the blame for the budget cuts. It’s easy to complain about our district’s financial condition.

 And, it’s easy to assume the extremes that the budget cuts could possibly produce.

But there are small things students can do to make a difference. The phrase “every penny counts” should, in the next few months, be taken literally. 

Simple things like turning off computers at the end of the day or watching our paper consumption can in the long run make a difference in the school’s budget.

We all have something we’re passionate about within our school. In such a trying time, BV as a whole must take careful consideration in how we spend our money so we can preserve what really matters.