Changes at BV put school morale in question

Sara Naatz, Managing Editor

Every morning I pull into the parking lot at Blue Valley, swerving to avoid hitting the red van parked a few spots down from me.
I walk past the lunch room, resist my urge to get a bagel, head to my first hour down the 400 hall, through the Avenue of the Arts and the crowded and noisy junior pod on the way.
I’ve had to persevere through pouring rain on the way to the mobiles, consequently causing me to persevere through a bad hair day as well.
I’ve heard countless speeches aimed at getting the student body fired up and talking about the dream we want to accomplish here.
But the tradition and pride Blue Valley knows is crumbling with Southwest’s opening and recent budget cuts.
I’ve heard so many stories of the technology and fun atmosphere of the new school and so many remarks on how old our school is.
I know so many people who have lost a few of their best friends to another school, myself included.
Of course I wish my best friends were here to help me through the hard days, attend games with me decked out in black and gold and just enjoy junior year.
As for budget cuts, activities and sports at our school have seriously been affected and most of us have felt the hurt a little bit already.
It’s important that we keep our heads up for our peers, teams and clubs. BV is still an amazing school with some of the most amazing people I know, cliche as it may be.
We have new incentives to keep us on our toes, and now is the time to prove to everyone that BV doesn’t need to be the newest, most expensive school around to have the most pride.
We can easily work together to raise money for our clubs and teams as well, and obviously budget cuts haven’t stopped students from chasing the causes they believe in.
Look at all the things going on around our school. We have Project Playground starting up entirely because of student efforts and commitment, and all money was raised through sales of T-shirts and wristbands.
So make this your year to have more spirit than ever before. Study harder than ever before. Follow the cause you believe in no matter what the cost.
We often take for granted what we have here.
I know there are schools out there where drugs are more of a focus than student dreams, and we just aren’t like that.
BV gives us the opportunity to do something we believe in and are passionate about. We should take advantage of what other schools just don’t have.