Small parking lot poses problems for former BVW student

Ben Grove, Staff Writer

It’s a really long walk from behind the baseball fields all the way to the doors of the school.
I’m sure the parking lot size is a concern for a lot of the students who drive to school.
At 7 in the morning the last thing a person wants to do is walk a long way to do anything.
As I drove into the parking lot for the fist time I noticed the small spots and narrow lanes.
As a student who came from Blue Valley West where the parking lot is not only huge, but has many open spots, the adjustment was difficult.
At West, there is so much extra space that the band uses a good chunk of the parking lot to practice in the morning before school.
BV is an entirely different world.
I also noticed that only juniors and seniors could get a spot.
Meanwhile, sophomores are forced to park all the way in the back by the baseball fields, where if you are running late your chances of getting to class on time are close to impossible.
And with Tardy Tracker, there is no way you can slip by on being late.
Another thing I stress about is actually parking in a spot, considering they are so close together I have to be extra careful when parking.
If you have a truck or some sort of a big car, parking is more difficult.
Considering the spots were narrowed in order to allow additional parking places for students, the risk-to-reward ratio might not be as high as they may have thought.
Even though there were only four or five parking issues reported last year, I’m sure a fender bender, even unreported, would ruin anyone’s morning.