Students should pay attention to choices in cafeteria

Staff editorial:

Every day at lunch students are faced with some pretty easy choices.
Whole grain pasta or fried chicken? Chicken.
Salad or chips? Chips.
Apple or cookie? Probably the cookie.
Looking at the eating habits of the BV population, we can see that there is a quandary in our cafeteria.
We are surrounded by good and bad food, but we can never seem to choose the better option.
Part of the problem is the selection. We crave the sugar and food coloring, so we go for those snacks.
The biggest issue is that the choice is apparently easy. So easy, in fact, that most students eat unhealthy food every day without a second thought.
But how can students think they are ready to go into the world if they can not make the right decision when presented with a clearly right and wrong option?
No one can claim innocence in this war on food. We all know what would be the healthier choice for our body, yet, time and time again, we continue to ignore our better judgment.
The cafeteria does a good job of providing students with a wide selection of items to choose from every day. For as long as we can remember there has been fruit, salad and milk waiting for us right around noon at school.
For as long as we can remember, students pass over the healthy food and go for the fries, cheese-filled breadsticks and flavored ‘sports’ drinks. The sport being ‘get someone else to throw away my trash.’
As high schoolers, we should be able to manage our food decisions reasonably. Just because the pizza from Pizza Hut is there every single day, doesn’t mean we should eat it. Every. Single. Day.
There is a way to do it right.
Maybe have the pizza twice a week, but branch out and have a salad the other three days. A little moderation goes a long way.
The district website goes above and beyond in providing all the dietary information of our lunch food. All you have to do is utilize it.
Thinking some nutritional choices through is critical for students who are four years or less away from college or a career. Once our high school years are up, we will be very much on our own to eat and do what we want.
If we can not take responsibility for our actions in a cafeteria, then we will not be able to be responsible for ourselves when we enter the real world.
The decision making starts now. So, instead of just piling on the pizza at lunch today, give it a little thought first.