BV academic opportunities ignored by student body

Jacob Pruitt, Opinion Editor

Every day BV students choose be- tween seemingly easy options.
Take the AP course and try hard? No thanks, we’d rather cruise through the
normal class. Do your homework? Nah, we can just do it in Overtime after going
over it in class. Stay home and study this weekend? Don’t make us laugh. But where are these choices to our options getting us? They sure aren’t showing us every thing we can do with our chosen
major after college. Tougher AP classes are there for a reason. They give us in-depth insight to the course. We are given the
chance to see what that course is all about. Take a moment to think of all the things you could do if you chose
to follow that AP course’s subject as a future career. The professional possibilities with a major in biology, physics, or
history, etc., are endless. The Center for Advanced Professional Studies is an amazing op-
portunity that few at BV are taking advantage of. So take that AP class. Dive into the CAPS program you know little about. You shouldn’t be afraid to open your mind about what you could
be doing later on. Real life experiences in a potential profession are given to us at
high school, something that is rarely heard of elsewhere. We need to face the facts and realize that our easy ride is ending. Soon. Why not take advantage of what is being presented to us now? If you ignore options now, you close doors that would lead you
somewhere else in the future. Don’t just settle for the easy class. Don’t just settle for the in-state college. Don’t just settle for the run-of-the-mill job. You’ll regret it and your choices.
For the people who do take their time to consider options: con- gratulations.
You are the lucky ones.
You know what you want to do with yourselves, both in college and in life, not because you were better prepared.
But because you know what everything offers.
Being knowledgeable about what lies ahead goes a long way in your future happiness.
Keep your options open.