Fields of Faith event brings schools together through religion

Jordan McEntee, Design editor

BV’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes group meets in the fixed forum every Tuesday morning at 7.
Turnout: about 50 kids.
Johnson County’s Fields of Faith took place on Wednesday night, out at our very own football stadium.
Turnout: somewhere between 600 and 800 kids.
Students from BV, Blue Valley Southwest, Prairie Star Middle and a number of other schools in our area all gathered for a night of praise and worship.
I saw more laughing, singing, dancing, crying, jumping, swaying and hugging among those students than I had ever seen in the stadium bleachers.
People went up in the stands on Wednesday night without any idea of what was about to go down.
To tell you the truth, I was one of those people.
I knew there would be a band, a speaker and some other student speakers. I’d heard it was going to be amazing.
But I, along with a lot of other students, had absolutely no clue how many lives were going to be changed in that one hour and 45 minutes.
The second The Heartland Worship Band stepped out onto the track, an overwhelming atmosphere was created, one that you can only find in a group of kids who are so on fire for their faith.
You know that feeling of pure happiness you just can’t ignore because there’s so much love around you?
I’m pretty sure that’s how almost every single person felt at Fields of Faith.
One particular moment I especially remember was when the band played “How He Loves” by David Crowder Band.
Everyone in the stands had their arms around each other, swaying back and forth, singing their hearts out. And by that, I mean singing their hearts out to the Lord, proclaiming their love for Him.
Along with the incredible music, all the speakers throughout the night were fantastic, as well.
A few of the speakers were junior Maddie Osmundson, PSMS eighth grader Caleb Jenkins and author, life coach and former MMA fighter Cisco Guerra.
It must have taken a lot for them to stand up in front of all those people and share their moving stories about finding and giving their lives to Christ.
I know a good number of people whose lives were really changed by Guerra’s testimony about how faith changed him from living a “Jersey Shore” party life to where he is now.
The most inspirational part of the night was when Guerra called those who hadn’t really met Christ yet to come down and pray with some of their fellow students on the field.
Might I just say, this was when the tears started gushing from a good portion of the student’s eyes. It was intense.
I know I’ve said it quite a few times, but lives really were changed. I’m sure that anyone who was there will totally back me up on that.
Overall, the night was a great way for us to praise to our Savior through song and scripture, come together and really grow closer with our friends and classmates.
It might even go down as the most incredible thing I’ve ever been a part of in that stadium.