“The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas” showcases impressive bands

Courtney Woodworth, staff writer

Nothing says Christmas more than being painfully squished in a mosh pit with over a thousand people.
Wait, what?
The radio station 96.5 the Buzz held their annual “The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas” concert this year with two nights: Dec. 6 and Dec. 8.
I attended the latter of the two concerts.
Line-up: Beautiful Bodies, Innerpartysystem, A Day to Remember and My Chemical Romance.
The Beautiful Bodies are a local alternative band who have performed for previous Buzz concerts.
The lead singer came on-stage sporting an outfit that looked like it came straight out of Lady Gaga’s closet.
The band had good stage presence and did their best to get the audience to participate. Music can be found on their MySpace page.
Innerpartysystem is a techno group who performed second.
Their songs were filled with catchy dance beats and lyrics that kept the audience jumping and fist pumping throughout their entire performance.
I really don’t know what to say about A Day to Remember. The band is filled with talented musicians, but the lead singer looked like he didn’t want to be there.
The most excitement during their performance came from the audience, and that’s because of the shoving, pushing, and large groups of people falling down–twice.
The audience seemed to be made up of two kinds of people during their performance:
people focused on fighting–it went so far as a guy punching people around him–and people just trying to stay alive.
However, after A Day to Remember got off the stage, most of the violent people left the concert.
My Chemical Romance’s performance completely blew me away.
MCR opened with the first single from their latest album, “Na Na Na,” but played songs from their whole career.
The audience participation was at a level I’ve never seen before. Fans sang along with every single song played and never put down their arms.
Gerard Way filled the Midland with his incredible vocals.
Mikey Way rocked the bass.
Frank Iero stunned the crowd with incredible guitar tricks.
Ray Toro cranked out familiar rifts to all of the songs.
Together they created one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

My Chem set list: Na Na Na; Thank You for the Venom; Planetary (GO!); I’m Not Okay (I Promise); You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison; Sing; House of Wolves; The Only Hope for Me is You; Welcome to the Black Parade; Teenagers; The Ghost of You; Helena. Encore: Cancer; The Kids from Yesterday