Dresses, behavior at dance show inappropriate behavior

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

Every year Mr. Bacon meets with each grade to discuss our dream for the school. And every year a constant theme keeps this school respectable.
Apparently some people didn’t quite understand that message.
The Sweetheart dance on Feb. 12 was an in-your-face reminder that not everyone exhibits this classy image.
I attended the dance with some friends and stayed in the same group throughout the night. We belted it out to all the songs we knew. We fist pumped to the best ones. The dancing we did was jumping around to the fast songs and swaying with our dates to the slower ones.
Oddly though, it was obvious some had a different interpretation of dancing.
Since when did looking like you’re having sex on the dance floor become appropriate?
The group I was in had a good laugh at the ridiculous couples that were all over each other. But while it was humorous that anyone would act like that in public, it was also disgusting.
Some of the “dancing” I saw felt like it should have a triple-X rating.
I’m not sure if they feel that acting like that makes them seem older and more appealing, but it has the opposite effect. The first thing that comes to my mind is how immature those girls look.
Not to mention it doesn’t earn respect from anyone.
Being classy isn’t just the way you act, it’s how you dress.
The lack of clothing was appalling to me.
Of course there were bound to be short shirts and low neck-lines — it’s a dance.
But when I can see almost everything, there’s an issue.
I completely understand wanting to look “hot” when you’re all dressed up — what girl doesn’t want to feel that way? But looking “hot”, certainly doesn’t mean showing practically every part of your body on the dance floor.
Leave something to the imagination.