’90s music obsession no longer something to hide

Sam Brennan, Ads manager

It’s tearin’ up my heart when I’m with you,
But when we are a part I feel it too,
And no matter what I do I feel the pain,
With or with out you.
N’Sync. Tearin’ Up My Heart. Oh the ’90s.
It was a gentler and sweeter time.
N’Sync, Backstreet Boys and pre-crazy Britney Spears.
A time of bubble gum pop and sweet dance moves.
It was beyond innocent.
Can you imagine 15-year-old Britney ever imagining herself becoming the psycho-head-shaving girl she is?
Can you imagine Justin Timberlake seeing himself as a solo artist and movie star in 15 years?
I wouldn’t mind going back to those days.
I listen to 99.7 Generation X radio with hopes that perhaps I will catch symphonic melodies of the Boy Band era.
About a month ago a trending topic on Twitter was #whythe90srocked.
I dutifully tweeted why they did — it was the time of the pop music I fell deeply in love with.
I was so embarrassed for my obsession. Now I’m finally able to talk about it.
I know every word to Space Cowboy, Dirty Pop, Bye Bye Bye, Lucky and Backstreet’s Back.
N’Sync was the first group I saw in concert. Backstreet Boys the second. Then N’Sync again, the third.
They were the best. No matter how much we like to pretend they were a joke, that music was a monumental part of our childhood.
I know I will listen to it forever.