Obama should take clear stance against Libya’s leader

Emily Brown, Copy editor

Similar to the the ripple effect, the Tunisian revolution has sparked revolts and unrest in almost 13 countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
But the civilian rebellion in Libya is, perhaps, the most fascinating of them all. It has grown from a revolution to a full-blown war–Libyan government troops against the rebel forces.
Several powerful tribes have pledged support to the rebellion and opposition forces are defending several key cities against the Libyan army (what remains of it.)
This conflict might just have the biggest consequence on American foreign diplomacy.
We took the middle road with Egypt. We didn’t immediately denounce Hosni Mubarak but we did support the peaceful protests.
No harm done….at least for us.
But Libya is a completely different and much more dangerous situation. The foremost reason being Libya’s current leader Moammar Gaddafi.
American President Ronald Reagan dubbed Gaddafi the “Mad Dog of the Middle East.”
He defended the Taliban and numerous terrorist organizations. He claims Somali pirates only attack Western ships out of self-defense.
In his 2009 UN General Assembly speech, he accused Israel of assassinating John F. Kennedy. One could call him a hypocrite since in 1981, talked about assassinating Reagan.
With the current unrest, he has also promised never to let go of his country — no matter the consequences.
He doesn’t care if it comes down to a massacre of his people. I have no doubt that it will.
Is it fair to turn a blind eye to the Libyan rebels when they have such a leader?
Recently, he has promised a bloodbath if America intervenes in the Libyan unrest.
Then why should we bother getting involved?
Well, for one reason alone. How is it any different from Saddam Hussein?
His regime has been connected to state sponsored acts of terrorism.
Libya has consistently invaded Chad over land squabbles.
And it is perhaps, the most censored country in Africa and the Middle East.
I’m not saying we should get involved in another war. But I think we should support the rebels by sending them supplies and ammunition. The Obama administration also needs to publicly criticize Gaddafi. I think it is about time some one put him in his place.