Donated locker magnets take ‘honor’ out of ‘Honor Roll’

Locker magnets for students on the Principal’s Honor Roll and Honor Roll were distributed Feb. 28.

Students with at least a 3.5 GPA are on the Honor Roll, while those students with at least a 4.0 are on the Principal’s Honor Roll.

The Site Based Leadership team suggested the idea to have magnets on students’ lockers to show their academic accomplishments, similar to how athletes and club members are recognized.

Community America Bank donates several hundred dollars each year for the locker magnets.

But how many of us actually appreciate what is being shown by these magnets?

The students who do care about their accomplishments stick their magnets inside of their locker.

No one can see it there — but no one can steal it either.

This money is being wasted on the magnets.

They are being thrown down hallways, stolen or moved to lockers of students who didn’t achieve this accomplishment.

There are many other options on how to show the administration’s appreciation of hard-working students.

Give them a certificate or a plaque — something tangible they can bring home to Mom and Dad.

Don’t give them something that will be taken from them.

Getting on the Principal’s or regular Honor Roll is a big accomplishment.

Students right now simply don’t appreciate it.

Which is why we shouldn’t be using the donated money on the magnets.

Spend the money on doughnuts delivered during the day or a free cookie at lunch, while making sure the student body knows why they are receiving them.

Hang a large banner by the office with Honor Roll students’ names displayed on it.

Have an assembly one Thursday and call out every student by name  who is being honored.

It’s not as if these students are just the normal people who skate through school with average work.

Getting at least a 3.5 GPA isn’t just doing what you are supposed to.

An ‘A’ on the grading scale stands for excellent.

When did excellent work become expected?

These students aren’t just doing average work.

They are going above-and-beyond what is required.

The same isn’t needed for their reward, but we need change.

Something needs to be done to make the Honor Roll an actual honor.