Rebecca Black doesn’t deserve hate dealt to her

Evelyn Davis, Cartoonist

Last week, Friday was nothing more than another day.
This week, 13 year old YouTube sensation Rebecca Black turned the day into something completely different with her new song, “Friday.”
But not for the better.
Black’s music video, produced by Ark Music Factory and paid for by Black’s mother, is all about how pumped she is that it is finally Friday.
She wakes up, eats some breakfast and hops in the backseat of a car with some friends to go to school and then parties it up.
With over 57 million hits on Black’s music video, everyone has something to say about her singing debut, most of which is negative.
With annoying lyrics that incessantly repeat words such as “Friday,” “partyin’,” and “fun,” Black’s mediocre voice and the general ridiculousness of the video, there is a lot to hate.
And hate, people have.
With comments on her YouTube video such as “I hope you cut yourself, and I hope you’ll get an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty,” and “I like rat infestations more than I like Rebecca Black,” YouTube viewers have made their opinions known. Others have created parodies on “Friday” with titles such as “Saturday” and “High Day.”
Many wonder why would she be stupid enough to make this and post it on YouTube.
All I wonder is, “Don’t you all think you’ve taken this far enough?”
Black did what she loved to do. Sing.
Somehow, her song went viral.
And, in truth, up to a certain extent, she should be able to accept the criticism.  The constructive criticism, at least.
It was a bad song.
But to insult more than just the song?
Too far.
Rebecca Black is 13 year old girl.
She never claimed to a great singer.
She never acted like she was some sort of rock star.
She never asked for this kind of attention.
All she did was what billion of others have done before her — posted a video on YouTube.
A video she neither wrote the song for nor produced.
You can argue that her mother shouldn’t have paid $2,000 for a company to produce a music video for her daughter.
But how is that any different from your parents spending thousands on your competitive soccer team or summer theater camp?
It’s not.
So give her a flying break.
Just because she can’t sing doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. It doesn’t mean you have any right to tell her she’s ugly, to tell her she should kill herself, or even to make assumptions about what kind of person she is.
Enough is enough.
Don’t hate her.
Hate her song.