After countless mistakes, NATO should apologize to Libyan rebels

Emily Brown, copy editor

Several miscommunications between NATO forces and Libyan opposition forces have drastically hindered the Libyan war effort.
According to CNN, opposition leaders said that NATO air strikes killed 13 innocent civilians. Witnesses say two doctors and two rebel fighters were killed when NATO missiles struck an eastern Libyan battlefront.
Several rebel tanks were destroyed by NATO forces. Apparently, they had no knowledge that the rebels were in possession of the tanks. Other allied air strikes injured the very people they are supposed to be protecting.
These “unfortunate” accidents as NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen called them are causing the people of Libya to doubt the effectiveness of the NATO operation. And this doubt has the power to end the opposition.
Without the exuberant hope of the rebels, they are left with outdated weaponry, untrained ground troops and a supposed ally — killing their people because of a failure to communicate.
It hasn’t helped that NATO refuses to apologize for these incidents. They continuously give excuses — no solutions.
This inconsiderate way of treating the lives of the Libyan people will only create more bitterness in the Libyan rebels.
And if the rebels don’t even trust us, what is the point of aiding them?
What is the point of chasing out their dictator if they view us as the same level as him —  murderers?
NATO needs to apologize to the rebels immediately. No one cares about the excuses.
The Libyan rebels and the American public want to hear that things are going to change.
We want to hear how communication with the opposition leaders will improve and the new plan for reclaiming Ajdabiya from Moammar Gadhafi.
But most of all, the NATO air support really needs to be supportive — not just another detrimental factor for the rebels.