European soccer surpasses quality of MLS

Jordan McEntee, Design Editor

The first thing on my bucket list: Go to a European soccer game, dress like one of the many insanely obsessed soccer fans, paint my face and have the time of my life.
Sounds like fun, right?
For sure.
After watching the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) championship soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid on Wednesday night, I realized how much we’re missing out.
First, the skill level of European soccer players is beyond my level of comprehension. Every time they touch the ball, every time they pass the ball, every time they do just about anything with the ball, it is nearly perfect.
Also, foreign soccer is all about rivalries. Considering that Madrid and Barcelona are arguably each other’s biggest enemies, it’s understandable why so many supporters attended.
And after Christiano Ronaldo scored his header goal for Madrid in stoppage time to win the game 1-0, there’s no doubt the Barcelona squad will be out for blood in their next match-up (which happens to be next Wednesday for the Champions League semifinal series).
Talk about fierce competition.
The atmosphere at European soccer games is out of this world. Every time the camera panned over the crowd, I saw thousands upon thousands of crazed soccer fanatics in all their respective team’s gear.
Supporters went crazy when Madrid finally won their first Copa del Rey in 18 years.
In fact, the celebration in Madrid after the team’s big win was so excessive one of the players actually dropped the 33-pound trophy from the top of the team’s tour bus, and the bus rolled right over it.
So after being blown away by this European game, I thought to myself, “Why is American soccer not even half as exciting as this?”
I came up with the conclusion that U.S. Major League Soccer is, for some reason, lacking many of the essential qualities found in Europe.
Many say there are hardly any MLS fans in our country; sadly, I have to admit this is true. But this is because soccer in our country is in need of a sense of rivalry.
People want to see interesting, intense, impactful games between teams that hate each other — teams that have a history of close, rough games.
Don’t get me wrong — there are quite a few MLS players who are very talented (like Landon Donovan), but it’s just not the same.
So if you are one of those people who despise the game of soccer because you have only seen American soccer, you should know: European soccer is where it’s at.