Staffer doesn’t understand fuss over ‘Royal Wedding’

Emily Brown, Copy Editor

This is a break from my normal political columns.
I should probably be talking about the crisis in Syria, the tornado devastation of entire cities in the South or the Obama birth certificate drama.
But one single topic keeps running through my mind. Not by choice, though. Every time I open my laptop or turn on the TV, I see more and more mindless speculation about Prince William and Cate Middleton’s wedding.
What dress will she be wearing?
What will her hair look like?
Who will design the shoes?
Will she leave him at the alter?
To be completely honest, I don’t care. I don’t care at all.
And I will go even further.
Without his royal title, Prince William would have nothing. He isn’t a political genius. He hasn’t changed the world or even the country. Before entering the Royal Air force, he spent most of his time partying at clubs.
The only thing he has going for him is his lineage.
And Kate Middleton? Well, I have absolutely nothing to say about her-which only proves my point. The couple-to-be is as boring as can be.
Then why are people going insane over this wedding?
I really have no idea.
But you can be sure of one thing. I won’t be waking up at the break of dawn to watch complete strangers stare into each other’s eyes and confess their undying love.
Not unless I am guaranteed that Harry will be prancing around in his boxers during the ceremony.
Only then.