Introduction: After the Whistle

Jordan McEntee, Sports Editor

It was a dramatic, nail-biting game. You weren’t there, but your friends can’t stop talking about it. You wonder where in the world you can find the inside scoop on the game, so you’re not out of the loop.
Look no further.
After the Whistle is a sports blog dedicated to letting you know what’s going on inside BV athletics.
This is not only the spot to find scores and updates, but also a deeper look at the teams, opponents and anything else you might need to know.
And that’s not all.
Here, you will also find blog posts about sports in our area — college teams, professional teams,
and even some international teams (for example, my personal favorite, the US National Soccer team).
I’ll be giving my opinions on these things, so feel free to do the same. Actually, it’s encouraged. You can leave comments on this blog, write a letter to the editor or e-mail the staff. Let me know what you’re thinking about these issues, topics or games, and stay involved.
A new blog post about the latest and greatest in sports will be posted to After the Whistle every Thursday. Watch for it.