Introduction: Fitness for the Unfit

Odi Opole, Web Editor

Nowadays, fitness has a new face in our culture. It’s all about the perfect arms, the perfect legs, the perfect derriere; it’s not about being fit and healthy anymore.
It makes the world a little more difficult to live in – I mean, face it: most of us are not going to achieve that perfect body in our lifetimes, and the people who are “helping” us to already have obtained their perfection. After all, would you rather take fitness advice from a nice, average-looking friend, or from somebody who’s already slimmed, trimmed, and toned to perfection?
If you, like me, prefer the first, keep reading.
This blog, Fitness from the Unfit, is all about fitness as a way to be healthy. It’s not about the latest diet fad or the latest weight-loss formula from who-knows-where. It’s about fitness issues, workout tips, and ideas for healthy living – and I’ll take my own advice, too. Throughout the year, I will do bi-weekly updates on my own fitness, and how the advice I gave out worked for me – in addition to weekly posts about the topics above.
By the way, suggestions, questions, and comments would make this blog even better; you can communicate with me via the comments bar or facebook.