Bubba Starling shows how dedication, perseverance can pay off

Jordan McEntee, Sports Editor

Living the dream.
The dream every little league baseball player has in the back of their mind. That future they desire — going on to play Major League Baseball and making a bunch of money.
Bubba Starling is living that dream.
Everyone remembers him as “the kid who played everything.”
Football? He was the quarterback.
Baseball? He was the center fielder.
Basketball? Of course, he did that, too.
That’s a pretty successful high school sports career, if I do say so myself. All of that, and now he’s going on to play baseball for his hometown dream team, the Kansas City Royals. Oh, and not to mention, he signed for $7.5 million over three years.
A note to all those little kiddos who want to go on to the big leagues: follow Starling’s example.
What better role model is there?  He was a regular high school guy who worked hard throughout high school so he can now live out his dream of playing in the MLB.
According to NCAA.org, the estimated probability of playing for a professional baseball team straight out of high school is 0.44 percent.
Not even one percent.
“This guy is without a doubt one of the best athletes to play the game of baseball in many years,” Royals general manager Dayton Moore said at a news conference on Aug. 15.
As much as some of us would like to think of Starling as “the kid who played everything” from Gardner, the kid is actually a pretty huge deal.
I am aware that many of his fans merely like him because of his good looks, and rightfully so. But there’s more to Bubba Starling than just that.
I even used to think he was somewhat of a poser. You know, the typical jock. But I was way off. I can’t even imagine trying to balance school and work with playing three sports, then being part of that .44 percent to go on the the pros. That’s just crazy to me.
That takes dedication, responsibility and time — Lots and lots of time.
So I think the biggest thing we can take from this is: dream big. We hear it all the time, but Bubba Starling is actually a walking example of living a dream.